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Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certified Developer on Apache Cassandra

Our Services

We design your application architecture to take advantage of cloud computing frameworks, which are composed of loosely-coupled cloud services.

We can help you to migrate your infrastructure to a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. Unbiased opions towards any cloud providers such as AWS, GCP or Azure.

A very flexible model as the scope and workload are not fixed; You can easily manage costs and conduct budget control seamlessly.

Success in today’s data-oriented business environment requires being able to think about how these fundamental concepts apply to particular business problems—to think data-analytically.

AI applications such as image recognition, video analytics, natural language processing, and speech recognition leverage machine learning using highly sophisticated neural networks that perform detection and prediction from large volumes of data.

We are very proud being partner with Skalogs team to help modern business tackle massive amount of data in their organizations.If you need either Centrallilzed Log MAnagement Platform,IT Operation Anayltics or Business Activity Monitoring, or Security Information and Event Management platform, we can definitely help you in adapting optimum solution.

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